Practical Test

John Finnigan is a professional, friendly and fully qualified driving instructor, helping you to pass your practical driving test in the Inverness areas.

Your practical test is what you will have been working towards from your very first lesson; it is your opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have gained. The test itself will last for approximately 40 minutes and, during this time, you will be required to show that you can drive competently and calmly whilst encountering various driving situations.

You will have practised 4 reversing manoeuvres with John and you will be asked to perform one of these. You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop.

In 2010, the government introduced independent driving to the practical test. Your examiner will expect you to drive for up to ten minutes, following their instructions unaided. You could be asked to carry out up to three instructions, for example:

  1. Take the next left
  2.  Go straight at the roundabout
  3. Take the second right

Alternatively, you may be asked to follow signs to a particular place. Any area you are requested to drive to will be signposted and you can ask for the name of the place to be written down. Some examiners may combine elements of both, asking you to take the next right, the third left and follow signs to the train station. Do not be afraid to ask if you require any directions to be repeated.

To pass the practical driving test you will need to be able to complete it without any serious faults and you can only have up to 15 minors on your record.

If you drive carefully, safely and with confidence you should pass your test with flying colours.